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I'm everything a girl could need, Polaroid Coffee Table Book, 13"x15"

This project required remote communication between myself and original concepter (Brendan Keenan). Brendan had an idea to take one polaroid photo every friday night for a single year regardless of who he was with or where he was. As he had no way of executing the product himself, he turned to me for Art direction, Design and Production expertise.

The task was to organize 52 photos and over 100 pages of copy into a tangible book. One main goal was to create type treatments that would compliment the photos and engage the viewer in a more personal and endearing way.

I kept the look and feel consistent throughout by re-using similar styles of type treatments when necessary, and breaking the rule when applicable by using different fonts, color and layout to represent the copy as a significant statement.

Art Direction, Design & Production: Stephen Beebe | Concept, photography & copywriting: Brendan Keenan